Smooth Red

Winexpert Classic Smooth Red

Smooth wines are approachable, uncomplicated and deliciously easy to enjoy! This Smooth Red is fruit-forward with rich, juicy dark berries.

Limited Release Infusion

Private Reserve Infusion with oak from Wayne Gretzky Estate Winery & Distillery

Cab Syrah (Shiraz) blends are common, but the addition
of Zinfandel is a California creation. These popular
varietals thrive in Lodi, which tends to grow softer, more
fruit-forward reds. Cab brings its signature blackcurrant
flavours, ample acid and tannin. Zinfandel adds jammy
berries, with Syrah contributing plum and pepper.
Together they make a bold wine with abundant berry
flavours and rich tannin, making it an ideal base for
something a little extra.

In a Winexpert first, juice for this limited release was
pre-oaked in-house, steeping for several months with
whisky oak chips specially sourced from Wayne Gretzky
Estates Winery and Distillery. During this 6-month
steep, the juice absorbs flavours and tannin from the
whisky oak, adding roundness to the body, elevating
tannin, and infusing it with nuanced sweet spice, brown
sugar and vanilla character. These whisky-influenced
sweet notes round out a bold wine rich with flavours of
blackcurrant, jammy wildberry and plum, underlaid with
mocha, spice, and smoky toasted notes.

Try aged cheeses, chicken mole, or bison burgers
topped with roasted red pepper and caramelized
onions. A great option for beef brisket, spicy sausage,
or black bean chili.

*About the oak:
Whisky oak is not included. INFUSION is steeped with whisky oak chips prior to being added to the craft winemaking kit, allowing the juice to absorb flavour from the wood over the course of several months, enhancing its profile.

LE23 Bobal Cabernet Sauvignon (December 2023 release)

Winexpert LE23 Bobal Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition from Lloyd Wine Outfitters

This Spanish red combines Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon to deliver a medium-bodied wine with a fruity palate and silky tannin. Aromas of black fruit, mild spice, and subtle toasty oak. The first sip shows bright flavours of plum, cassis, and cherry joined by notes of licorice, cocoa, oak, and earthy nuances. Fresh acidity, soft tannin, and a light spicy sensation complete this polished blend.

Bobal is indigenous to Spain, where it is the 2nd most planted red wine grape. Its thick skin and drought resistance make it well suited to the subtropical Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers. It is mostly found in Valencia on Spain’s sunny east coast. The region is cooled slightly by sea breezes, and grapes are often grown in altitudes up to 1100 meters above sea level. Bordeaux varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon also perform well here and are often blended with indigenous Spanish grapes.

Also a great match for: Valencian paella, chorizo and Manchego flatbread, stew DOWNLOAD THIS SIGNATURE LE23 RECIPE HERE (PDF)