Winemaking Equipment

Everything you need to make wine, beer or cider at home. A range of industry-leading sanitizers, filtration, racking and accessories to make your kit it’s very best. Pop by to get your equipment in-store today!

Winemaking and Beermaking starter equipment package

Wine and Beer-making Equipment Starter Kits

Premium Starter Kit for wine and beer used for the fermentation process. An important investment for the at-home winemaker.



Wide range of syphons with specially designed tapered tips that cascades wine into the bottle. Self-levelling and self-deactivating to help prevent accidental overflow.

Bottling & Washing Component Pack

Bottling & Washing Component Pack

Includes our heavy duty brush with a handle designed of a strong gauge-wire and bristles of durable nylon. It is ideal for cleaning equipment and bottles. Includes your go-to B-Brite Powder: a 3 in 1 product for cleaning, bleaching & deodorizing in one action.

Cleaning | Double Blast Bottle Washer (EA) Cleaning | Double Blast Bottle Washer

Bottle Washer Accessories

Everything you’ll need to start fresh with clean equipment.

Bottle Tree

Bottle "Tree"

Convenient and space-saving way to drain 45 freshly-washed and sanitized bottles when you're ready for re-filling! Design helps prevent bacteria from entering during air-drying. Rotates for easy access. Product of Italy.



Carboys to create all of your favourite wine and beer kits. 100% Virgin material with no ribbing on the sides to collect yeast or sediment. Completely taste and odour-free, stain-resistant, made of food-grade materials and BPA free. Impermeable to oxygen. Stands up to 15 psi of pressure. Made in Canada.



A selection of corks to top off your wine available in a variety of quantities

Shrink Capsules

Shrink Capsules​

A colour for every wine and every taste. We stock ~40 ready and waiting for your next bottling.

MacDay Custom Wine Labels

Custom Wine Labels designed by Macday​​

You need them – we’ve got them! Nearly more labels than we can count! A wide range of pre-designed OR make your own using our MacDay system. Custom labels are perfect for special occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, holiday-themed – any party) or put your name on your label for full bragging rights of your very own ‘vineyard’! Visit’s label gallery to view ALL the templates we have in-store for you!

Proof & Traille Hydrometer

Alcohol hydrometer (alcoholmeter) designed for the determination of alcohol content in a liquid. Proof Range: 0-200 Proof | Alcohol % Range: 0-100 %. Product of Europe

Primary Fermenter 32L

Primary Fermenter

Our Primary Fermenters are custom-tailored to wine and beer making. Made from food-grade polypropylene, 100% recyclable and manufactured to a higher specification than the market standard. Product of Denmark.

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